A Practical Course of English Phonetics and Phonology – آوا شناسی

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Since its first publication in 1997, A Practical Course in English Phoneticsand Phonology has been widely used in different universities in Iran. Thefeedback received from students and instructors has been mostly positive andencouraging. However, some shortcomings have been brought to the author’sattention. Therefore, an attempt has been made to overcome theseshortcomings in the revised edition. In this edition, certain new sections havebeen added and in particular Chapter 9 has been thoroughly revised andenlarged. In this chapter new drills and exercises have been provided for theteaching of English pronunciation. In is hoped that the new edition will meetthe purpose and needs of Iranian students and teachers

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Preface to the Revised Edition
Chapter 1. Fundamental Concepts of Phonetics and Phonology
Chapter 2. Articulatory Phonetics
Chapter 3. Description and Classification of Consonants
Chapter 4. Description and Classification of Vowels
Chapter 5. Syllable Structure and Phonotactics
Chapter 6. Stress
Chapter 7. Intonation
Chapter 8. Pronunciation Differences Between British and American
Chapter 9. Teaching the Pronunciation of English Sounds

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