English for the Students of Historic Buildings Conservation and Restoration – انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته مرمت و احیای بناهای تاریخی

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Historic Buildings Conservation and Restoration (HBCR) seeks to develop dual themes, i.e. helping the students to practice and promote their knowledge of the English language as well as being acquainted with the basic concepts in HBCR. To achieve the dual goals it makes use of a rather wide range of modern language teaching techniques to reinforce the studentsʼ knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing ability within the context of HBCR. Some of the concepts it deals with are: Materials used in historic buildings, assessing values in conservation planning, seismic stabilization of historic structures, Islamic architecture, and new materials for conservation and cultural heritage.

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Unit 1
What Is a Historic Building?
Unit 2
What Is Conservation?
Unit 3
Materials Used in Historic Buildings
Unit 4
Structural Elements in Historic Buildings
Unit 5
Causes of Decay in Historic Buildings
Unit 6
Earth Buildings
Unit 7
Recording Information
Unit 8
Assessing Values in Conservation Planning
Unit 9
Economic Valuation of Cultural Heritage
Unit 10
New Materials for Safeguarding Cultural Heritage
Unit 11
Seismic Stabilization of Historic Adobe Structures
Unit 12
Presentation of Historic Buildings
Unit 13
Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings
Unit 14
Islamic Architecture in Iran
Unit 15
Manifesto for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

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