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An Introductory Course of English Phonetics and Phonology aims at meeting the needs of EFL learners in Iran and elsewhere to gain knowledge about the fundamental concepts in Phonetics and Phonology and to improve their pronunciation of English.Attempts have been made to describe the difficult topics in this field in clear and simple English; however, where the use of technical terms has been unavoidable definitions have been provided in the glosses to help students follow the discussions. Furthermore, figures and illustrations have been used to make the description of sounds easier

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Phonetic Symbols Used in This Book
CHAPTER 1: Phonetics and Phonology: Preliminaries
Phones, Phonemes, and Allophones
Branches of Phonetics
Articulatory Phonetics
Acoustic Phonetics
Auditory Phonetics
Forensic Phonetics
Clinical Phonetics
Experimental or General Phonetics
Inadequacies of Orthography and Advantages of Phonetic Alphabet
Uses of Phonetics
Study Questions
CHAPTER 2: Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Production
Organs of Speech
The Respiratory System
The Phonatory System
Larynx and Vocal Cords
Vocal Cords Wide Open
Vocal Cords Held Tightly Together
Vocal Cords Held Loosely Together
The Articulatory System
Alveolar Ridge
Hard Palate
Soft Palate
Oral and Nasal Cavities
Study Questions
CHAPTER 3: Description and Classification of Consonants
Features of Consonants
Places and Manner of Articulation
Bilabial Consonants
Oral Stops or Plosives /p/ and /b/
Bilabial Nasal Stop /m/
Bilabial Glide /w/
Labio-Dental Consonants /f/ and /v/
Dental or Interdental Consonants /θ/ and /D/
Alveolar Consonants
Alveolar Stops /t/ and /d/
Alveolar Fricatives /s/ and /z/
Alveolar Nasal /n/
Alveolar Lateral /l/
Alveolar Retroflex /r/
Trill or Rolled /r/
Tap or Flap /ɾ/ and /ɽ/
Alveo-Palatal Consonants
Alveo-Palatal Fricatives /ʃ/ and /ʒ/
Alveo-Palatal Affricates /ʧ/ and /ʤ/
Palatal Glide /j/
Velar Consonants /k/, /ɡ/ and /ƞ/
Glottal Consonants
Glottal Stop /ʔ/
Glottal Fricative /h/
Study Questions
CHAPTER 4: Description and Classification of Vowels
Description of Vowels
Shape of the Lips
Tongue Position
Parts of the Tongue Involved in the Production of Vowels
Height of the Tongue
Tense and Lax Vowels
Classification of Vowels
Front Vowels
/i/, as in sheep and feet
/ɪ/, as in ship and fit
/e/, as in shape and fake
/ɛ/, as in neck and head
/æ/, as in sat and fat
Central Vowels
/ə/, as in alone and aloud
/ʌ/, as in ton and sun
/a/, as in car and far
Back Vowels
/u/, as in soon and who
/ʊ/, as in book and hook
/o/, as in goat and boat
/ɔ/, as in saw and law
/A/, as in card and farm
/ɒ/, as in cod and pot
Diphthongs Gliding Towards /ɪ/ (/eɪ/, /aɪ/, and /ͻɪ/)
/eɪ/, as in day and may
/aɪ/, as in try and buy
/ͻɪ/, as in toy and boy
Diphthongs Gliding Towards /ə/ (/ɪə/, /eə/, /ʊə/)
/ɪə/, as in here and near
/eə/ or /ɛə/, as in share and fare
/ʊə/, as in tour and poor
Diphthongs Gliding Towards /ʊ/ (/əʊ/ and /aʊ/)
/əʊ/, as in no and go
/aʊ/, as in cow and now
Study Questions
CHAPTER 5: Syllable Structure and Phonotactics
Structure of English Syllables
Syllable Types
Consonant Clusters
Simplification of Difficult Consonant Clusters
Study Questions
CHAPTER 6: Stress and Rhythm
Word Stress
Stress Patterns
Stress Patterns of Two-Syllable Words
Two-Syllable Nouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs
Two-Syllable Verbs
Two-Syllable Words with Different Grammatical Functions
Two-Syllable Words with Identical Spelling but Different Functions
Stress Pattern of Words with Affixes
Stress Pattern of Words with Prefixes
Stress Pattern of Words with Suffixes
a Stress-Neutral Suffixes
b Stress-Shifting Suffixes
c Stress-Carrying Suffixes
Stress Patterns of Compound Expressions
Stress Pattern of Compound Nouns
Stress Pattern of Compound Adjectives
Stress Pattern of Compound Verbs
Stress Pattern of Modifiers Plus Nouns
Stress Pattern of Quantifiers or Qualifier Plus Adjectives
Stress Pattern of Phrasal Verbs
Pronunciation of Unstressed Monosyllabic Words
Sentence Stress
Study Questions
CHAPTER : Intonation 7
Final Intonation
Rising-Falling Intonation
Rising Intonation
Non-Final Intonation
Emphatic Intonation
To Compare and Contrast
To Connect Thought Groups
Sense of Continuation
To Create Suspense
Intonation of Tag Questions
Intonation of Special Constructions in English
Limited Choices with ‘or’
Unlimited Choices with ‘or’
Series with ‘and’
Study Questions

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